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White Tea

White tea is a sophisticated beverage made from the plant “Camellia Sinensis. Originating in China, it is now produced in different regions using their traditional processing methods. If you have a sober desire of tasting the highest attainable natural tea, white tea shall allow you to immerse into that rawness.
This tea is recognised as the least processed tea contributing to life longevity. Encapsulating the richness of nature, it withdraws the originality. It is taken from the day of harvest and undergoes withering then sold without withstanding any major drying process that evaporates the beneficial properties. Further you can linger in a sweet, subtle flowey aroma.

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9am White Tea will be our candid savour to your soul, a passion of your heart, playing the strings of vigour and bloom in your mind. To encounter this brilliance in a cup of tea, take us to your home. Having been made from the first flush, this romantic tea gives a spring zeal just like the touch of morning dew. White tea is a cup of “precious treasure” enriching the quality of health. Such is preserved by us and delivered to our beloved tea buyers.Further you can linger in a sweet, subtle flowey aroma of our white tea.

Benefits of such an immaculate variety cannot be summoned up in some words, yet some notable refining advantages of this tea are:

  • It is rich in antioxidants with health healing properties:
    White tea owns a very high content of antioxidants. It protects us from free radicals and adds to one’s chronic health. Along with this, white tea reduces the risk of heart disease because of the presence of polyphenols which further relaxes blood vessels. To a bonus, it is a pleasant aid in relieving cancer.
  • A supplement to reduce weight:
    Ensuring a low-calorie experience, white tea is an elegant weight-losing therapy. It is low in caffeine and a magical encounter for the ones fighting against fatness. Trying to lose weight is a healthful step and white tea shall offer you much help.
  • It purifies the skin and resists skin- ageing:
    To have an unblemished youthful skin is everyone’s dream. White tea has properties helping your skin to retain its moisture. Enter in this enlivening secret of a gleaming skin with white tea by remaining detached from cosmetics. Not only does it illuminates the skin but also helps in battling skin-ageing, the face then irradiating high colours.

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