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We bring you the best for every bounty of richness is assimilated to create the flawless, finest Assam tea attainable. For all the goodness we deliver, you can rely on us as your ideal health supplement and we assure you will choose us over and over again. 

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Pick from the finest Tea Estates of Assam
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White Tea

Oolong Tea

Assam Orthodox

Organic Green Tea


Earning the esteem; “The Master of Best Tea” we have been mastering the art since 1984 we, the Vishnu Tea Company created a niche with our exquisite collection of delicacies – excellent Oolong green tea , Assam tea, the perfect oolong tea and white tea blends. This rewards us to introduce ourselves as decades – old Tea Board India registered firm. To provide for you is our desire for we aspire of becoming your preferred partner forever. Choosing us shall unravel our rich Assam tea we provide under the branding of 9am, Sudha and Morning Sip.

9am Premium Assam CTC

Traditional Assam's Milk Tea

“Chai” is life, isn’t it? Even though China has has the credit of bringing tea into world existence, Indians took a step ahead and now we enjoy the delicious milk tea that we crave throughout the day. As all our delights the milk tea of 9am shall too leave a lasting linger on your taste buds.

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Manohari Golden Orthodox

A Super Speciality Tea of Manohari Tea Estate sold at Rs 75,000 per kg in Guwahati Tea Auction Centre on 29th October 2020.Bought Vishnu Tea Company for their retail store, upcountry buyers and their ecommerce website.

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Garden fresh

Authentic Assam's

Bejopathar White Tea

White tea is a sophisticated beverage made from the plant “Camellia Sinensis. Originating in China, it is now produced in different regions using their traditional processing methods. If you have a sober desire of tasting the highest attainable natural tea, white tea shall allow you to immerse into that rawness.

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Hand blended Assam Tea with an Organic flowery Twirl

hibiscus tea

A herbal tea made as an infusion from crimson or deep magenta-colored calyces of the hibiscus flower.

Chamomile Tea

Made from Chamomile flower, this organic health miracle has wonderful healing applications. It is a caffeine-free drink with an abundance of antioxidants relieving the stomach of all distresses.

Rose Tea

Symbol of love touching the heart through its enormous aids. Starting from promoting better immune,beautifying the skin to calming the mind, rose tea is a blend of beauty and health supplement.

BLue Tea

Possessing a majestic royal blue colour, this tea is commonly known as butterfly pea. It unravels anti-cancer properties along with its magic of weight loss. Can also be referred as an organic makeup in hand.
Buy Assam Tea in Bulk Private Label Packaging

Are you thinking about buying in bulk? Then only go for the highest possible profit. Buying as such at the optimal value is made plain- sailing by our tea masters at 9 am. You can put down your demands and we shall gravely look into the purity and the freshness of the tea leaves so that the exorbitant quality of natural tea is acquired by you.

Additionally, if you are planning to start off a tea business definitely remember us, for we are experienced extending our services of private level packaging for several enterprises around the country. You can hire us undoubtedly with a powerful trust of getting achieved all your requirements and receive the desired match of the pristine Assam tea.

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Gift and Customized Tea Packets

Have you ever considered tea as an ideal gift for someone? If yes, then you have a quirky taste better than others. Tea is a sign of elegance and elegance is desirable. Assam is a paradise for tea lovers and will surely make for an unique gift. To help you bundle up this sophisticated delight as a gift for any event or a wedding we are here wholeheartedly to pack your tea hampers with our graceful Assam tea. You can customise prints in the packets or give us your required listing which we shall try our best to fulfill. Tea accompanied with dry fruits and other giftable options can be packed as per your wish. We definitely take the pleasure in serving you and promise to make your hamper look out of the world,dramatically arresting your eyes.

Loose Tea Over Packet
Why should you go for Loose Tea Leaf from Assam?

Loose tea is an organic experience of nature’s freshness arousing aroma and flavour unaltered.This tea is the tastiest to drink infused with all nutrients free from “dust and fannings “. We want you to have a more refined drink, something which taste better,is wholesome and thus we bring forward for our buyers the flawless loose tea leaf at a very affordable rate. Owning the widest range you can find,we offer you a variety to choose,from this collection of exquisite garden teas which will be delivered at your doorstep.

Your Herbal Sip of Assam tea
Power of Herbal Sip

Often providing a herbal cure for hundreds of years, this tea can be confined to a word by calling it a “tempting ailment”. Herbal tea consist of dissimilar taste, aroma, flavour and colour, comprising of various consuming advantages.


An Organic Refreshment

The monotonous life creates an apparition of mental health being neglected however the easiest way to restore peace pf mind and vigorous energy is to have a cup of herbal tea which not only helps to distant yourself fron anxiety and stress but also enables for a calming sleep.

Take control

Rocketing immunity

Herbal tea does the best job if soothing upset stomachs, reducing inflammation. While serving as your “warm relish”, it also acts as the perfect alternative to digestive supplements.

because health is wealth

A Secret for Youthful Skin

What better way to preserve the high colours of your skin than drinking cups of herbal cup? Herbal tea presenta anti- ageing qualities. Cheers to a hydrated look!

Daily stress reliever

Heathful goodness of relaxing chronic diseases

This tea works magically with its high anti- oxident properties. It shall add ages to your life span by preventing high blood pressure and diabetes while lowering the likelihood of cancer.

Assam's Herbal Tea is a Reflection of her Profuse Tea Gardens
Herbal Tea
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Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Tulsi Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea

Tulsi Lemon Green Tea

Tulsi Lemon Green Tea